28 Canadians died in the Dominican Republic this year amid concerns over American tourist deaths

As the FBI probes deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic, Global News has learned 28 Canadians died there so far in 2019.Data obtained by Global News from Global Affairs shows an average of 39 Canadians died each year in the Dominican Republic over the past decade. More recently, from 2015-2018, that average is higher: 47 death cases opened each year.
In the United States there is extensive media coverage and concern over at least eight tourist deaths, with families calling for more answers in what seem to be mysterious circumstances. In some cases, tourists fell ill and died after drinking from resort minibars.
Last month, the FBI went to the Dominican Republic to assist local officials with testing. Neither American nor Dominican officials have said the deaths are related in any way, while the Dominican tourism minister has said they are isolated and not mysterious as feared.WATCH: Number of American tourist deaths in Dominican Republic exaggerated, say officials