6 seized homes of El Chapo going on auction block

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The federal government will auction six houses seized from the boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, a prisoner in the United States, and one that apparently belonged to Griselda López, his ex-wife and mother of Ovidio Guzmán.
The homes were used by the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel to take refuge from the operations of the federal forces; The auction will take place on November 10 in Los Pinos.
Among the houses that will be offered by the Institute to Return the Stolen People, is the one on Calle Humaya 130, Guadalupe Colony, Culiacán, in which Guzmán Loera took refuge before being recaptured in February 2014 by the Navy.
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[He escaped under the bathtub and through the drain system.  Investigators suspected they were closing in on Chapo in 2014 when they discovered seven houses in Culiacan, Mexico, connected by secret tunnels that also tied in with the sewage system 

But finding him after they raided one of them was trickier than they thought. 

“This particular house had bars on the windows. The front door was steel reinforced, and was so difficult to get in, it was like 10 minutes went by,” said Derek Maltz, who once led the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special operations division. 

The time it took Mexican marines to get past the reinforced steel doors was enough to allow Chapo to escape. His route? A hidden hatch under a bathtub.]

It is of two levels and has a starting price of 2 million pesos, without VAT. Includes household items.
Another of the properties is that of Constituents Emiliano García 1811, in Culiacán, from which the drug trafficker managed to escape from a military operation: it is one level and its starting price is 2.4 million pesos.
The house that allegedly belonged to Griselda López is located in Cerro de la Siete Gotas 642, also the capital of Sinaloa, and has three levels and an exit price of 11.2 million pesos.
Another of the houses that will be offered are located at the following addresses: Puerto de Veracruz 1647, Colonia Vallado Nuevo; Constituent Enrique Colunga 1825, Colonia Liberta and Javier Mina 1126. Los Pinos fractionation.
The director of the Institute to Return the Stolen to the People, Ricardo Rodríguez reported that 45 lots, between houses, cars and watches, with an output value of 32.5 million pesos, will be auctioned with the objective of collecting money for children’s musical bands.
Among what you can buy are 24 vehicles of two different types: some high-end, but old (Mustang, Jaguar and Mercedes and other newer and equally luxury). The cars have a starting price of 1.8 million pesos.
Two boats will also be auctioned with a starting price of 22 million pesos. These goods are used to transport fuel or merchandise, according to Ricardo Rodríguez.
Also, there will be ten watches with a value up to 50 percent lower than those found in the regular market.
Similarly there are nine real estate, some located in Sinaloa. Some of these houses or land under construction have a starting price of one million 200 thousand pesos and up to 11 million pesos.
According to Ricardo Rodríguez, this will be a special sale because it will serve to celebrate that the change of the name of the Property Administration and Disposal Service (SAE) to “Institute to Return the Stolen People” has already been approved.