A 3M Dollar bribe was offered in the arrest of Chapo’s son Ovidio Guzman Lopez…What happened in sequence

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SEDENA version of Chronological details of events in the Culiacan chaos and violence.Secretary Sandoval reported that in the operation, criminals attempted to bribe the intervention force commander with $ 3 million and, by not accepting, he and his family were threatened with death.”

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The Secretary of Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, announced the chronology of the failed operation in Culiacán, that resulted in the release of Ovidio Guzmán, son of “Chapo”.
He explained that on October 9, Mexico City forces left for Culiacán, where the alleged criminal was located.
Subsequently, on October 17 at 2:00 pm the presence of Ovidio Guzmán was confirmed in a Culiacán building.

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The operation for his capture began around 2:30 p.m., the building where the son of El Chapo  was with his family was located in José Muro Pico, of the Tres Ríos Section.
At 2:50 p.m., the head of Sedena said, the first attacks with gunfire against elements of the armed forces were reported.
During the attacks, vehicles with 50-caliber weapons were used.
The Secretary revealed a video of Ovidio Guzmán’s detention at his home during the operation.
At 3:15 p.m., he said, Ovid went out to the parking lot of the building, where elements of the AFs stopped him and encouraged him to persuade his brothers to stop the attacks because the population was being put at risk.
In the video, elements of the operation are shown at an entrance to the address – during which  background detonations are heard – and later, the tenants, among them Joaquín Guzmán’s son, leave the building and turn themselves in to the authorities.
“Come out! Come out Ovid,” says one of the elements.
“Do you have weapons?” He asks.
“No, not anymore,” replies Ovid.
“I no longer want to have riot, please,” stated  the “Chapito” by phone while he was detained, according to the images shown during the conference of President López Obrador.
“Stop everything,” he insisted repeatedly.
During the phone call with his brother, said Secretary Sandoval, he is told  that he will not cease the actions and even launches threats against the military.
The first military elements injured due to attacks by armed groups in that city were reported at 3:25 p.m.
The Secretary said that, at 3:45 p.m., the Security Cabinet informed President López Obrador about the events in Culiacán.
Around 15:50, vehicles with armed people surrounded the Military Bases of Operations in Cosalá, Costa Rica and El Fuerte and the retention of military elements was recorded.
Subsequently, at 17:04, he said, there were attacks, theft and burning of vehicles in different parts of the city and the massive escape of prisoners from the Aguaruto prison.
“At 18:49, by decision of the Security Cabinet it is determined to withdraw the forces that carried out the operation and at 19:17 Sinaloa Cartel releases the first Officer and the Fourth Troop,” said the head of Sedena.
Meanwhile, at 18:45 the President travelled from Mexico City to Oaxaca and 45 minutes later the Security Cabinet issued the first message for the events that occurred.
Secretary Sandoval reported that in the operation, criminals attempted to bribe the intervention force commander with $ 3 million and, by not accepting, he and his family were threatened with death.
He said members of the crime offered criminal groups in Sinaloa resources to participate in the attacks on the military.
He affirmed that the National Defense appointed a team of the Military Prosecutor to initiate the investigation folders if the military discipline was violated.
The head of the Sedena gave a report of the aggressions suffered by the military by criminals. The command made it clear that there were populations in the places.
The first military aggression occurred in the house that was under surveillance, in which was Ovid Guzmán, the son of ‘Chapo’. They were attacks from the front, side and rear.
The second was to National Guard personnel who were in the Stadium area and were looking to move towards the house. In the place an element of the Guard died and 8 elements of troops were injured.
The third was the staff of the 110 battalion in another avenue elements of troops, in which resulted injuries.
The fourth went to the Commander of the Ninth Military Zone that was heading to the Costa Rica post, where there were criminals and had retained military personnel. There was an injured troop element.
Then there was an assault on the Military Housing Unit of Culiacán. In this place grenades were launched that did not explode. In the area was a troop element with children who were playing. When the aggression began, the sergeant protected  the children and sought to save them.
When the criminals entered the Housing Unit, the sergeant told them that he was with children and the criminals held him, letting the children go. In departments there were right holders and some managed to leave. In the department area, the criminals threw another grenade, which also did not explode.
The sixth aggression went to a commander who was going to support the Housing Unit.
The seventh was in the area of ​​Jesús María to an official vehicle that criminals detained in a checkpoint, where they registered their documents.
The eighth was recorded in the Costa Rica post, where soldiers guarding auto-tanks were arrested by criminals who held them.
In the post “Suffrage Station” there was another military retention, which was deployed to the house where Ovid Guzman was.
The tenth aggression occurred in El Fuerte, where there is a track that is protected to prevent illegal landings, and in that place it was also avoided that elements went to the area where in the house was the “Chapito”.
Another assault was given to an MD helicopter that was attacked while supporting the ground forces.