Ahome, Sinaloa: Trackers Find Seven Dead Bodies at El Guachapori

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

Los Mochis, Sinaloa:  In total there are now 7 bodies that were located by members of the Trackers of Faith and Hope group on the site known as El Guachapori, in the Ejido Cobayme. The search for bodies by the volunteers concluded yesterday. 

Mario Higuera Cota,  leader of the searching collective, reported that it is estimated that the remains located had been buried for about two years.

The explorations were carried out with the support of personnel from the Attorney General’s Office and the Navy.  Higuera Cota commented that the FGR staff who came from Mexico City will return to perform the DNA test on human remains. 
One of the victims had clothing and footwear from those used by police.