CJNG: Cadaver with manta left in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán – It was this Saturday morning that police authorities were alerted that a person’s body was thrown on the road kilometer 7500 in the vicinity of the Tenencia Morelos.
The area was attended by elements of the Michoacán Police who corroborated the report, cordoned off the area and notified the Regional Prosecutor.
Subsequently, the Specialized Crime Scene Unit was established in the particular area as well as elements from the Unit of Specialized Investigative Fraudulent Homicides. Who attested to the lifting of a body with firearm injuries and was left with a manta. The remains were taken to Semefo for the purposes of law.

It is worth mentioning that this is the fourth murder recorded in the city of Morelia this Saturday the 25th for the month of October, with 234 so far this year.
Manta reads as follows:
The purge continues. Scumbags, chapulines, and those who are missing. Sincerely, G.E.D.D.R.I. (Grupo Elite Delictivo De Reacción Inmediato/Elite 
Criminal Immediate Reaction Group) of CJNG
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