Confirmed: El Chapo’s wife to join cast of the docu-series “Cartel Crew”

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

VH1 executives confirmed Monday that Emma Coronel Aispuro will be making several appearances and is expected to open up “about her life after El Chapo,” as well as her business venture.

I don’t know if you have seen the VH1 series “Cartel Crew”.  I took a look when it came out and couldn’t stomach even one episode.
For me it is reminiscent of the Real Housewives or other reality shows….but not as good.

The over the top self-absorbed behavior is off-putting as is the cartel glorification. 

The “crew” says it was Emma Coronel’s attorney who approached the series about her joining.  No doubt the interest will climb.  The docuseries is framed around 8 offspring from the cartel life, and a glimpse into their world as they pilot through adulthood.
One interesting character is Michael Blanco, the son of Griselda Blanco, the “Cocaine Godmother”.  His life many of you will be familiar with.  His father executed, he himself witnesses an execution of someone he loved that worked for his mother but betrayed her.  
After her arrest her cartel business continued because of Michaels help.   In 2004, Blanco was released from prison and deported to Medellín, Colombia where she died in 2012, never being brought to justice for the three murders she is expected of in Florida. The case fell apart when the star witness and secretaries of the DA office were caught up in a  telephone sex  scandal.
Blanco died after having been shot 2 times once in the head and once in the shoulder by a motorcyclist in Medellin.
Michael’s glorification of his mother’s “business” never diminishes, “I want to distribute dope clothing like my mom distributed dope around the world,” he says on the show.  
The real story is suspenseful stuff, which is why I gave the series  a shot after hearing Michael was on the show.
But I was deeply disappointed. 
Maybe Coronel can bring something different.  Who knows, I have only seen her in a couple of interviews so I will wait to see how this evolves.
It is set to air on November 19th.