Las Vegas food guide: The best restaurants in the city of gambling

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Las Vegas has risen to become one of the most respected gambling locations on the planet. Despite being home to some of the largest casinos, Las Vegas also houses some fantastic restaurants. These are places where you will find delectable foods like juicy steaks, spicy sushi, and fresh homestead pasta. They are also places that your meals will be presented by topnotch chefs who have immense experience in the area. Some of these restaurants that make sin city a culinary destination include:

Anyone interested in sophisticated simplicity will find Sage to be an excellent restaurant. The place is run by chefs who are dedicated to making every dish simple but tasty. The farm to table menu is what most people love about this Las Vegas restaurant. Some of the main foods you will get at Sage include trumpet mushrooms, Maine Scallops stewed with oxtail and toasted brioche that is nicely served with foie gras Brulee. You will also enjoy fresh cocktails and other special drinks to quench your thirst and wash away the food.

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is a high-end restaurant situated within the MGM Grand. It is a place of expensive taste and impressive French cuisines that are served in their 1930s Paris setting. The restaurant was founded by one of the winners of Michelin’s 3 star and Forbes Five star Joel Robuchon. What has made the restaurant famous is its signature dishes. These include Poule Les Plats as well as Crispy soft boiled egg placed in light Comte cheese sauce and served with Iberico de Bellota ham. Every plate served in Joel Robuchon is nicely prepared, and the presentation is perfectly done to satisfaction.

SW steakhouse

Make your way to the SW steakhouse in Las Vegas and have a taste of their well-cooked juicy steaks paired with a glass of fruity wine. This restaurant is known to have some of the most incredible steaks in the city with many other recipes that leave people yearning for more. You also get to have a taste of foods such as dry-aged tomahawk chops, Chile-rubbed double rib eye, and Japanese Wagyu. It is a place where the ingredients used are both seasonal and exotic. The restaurant faces the Lake of Dreams and so while dining, be prepared to witness dazzling waters and flashy light shows. This makes the restaurant an excellent place to spend the evening with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Mastro’s Ocean Club
Mastro’s Ocean Club offers an exceptional dining experience to anyone who steps foot in the well-furnished restaurant. The first thing that will stun you is how neat the place is and the attractive decorations that span the whole area. The location offers private dining to those who want to spend time enjoying each other’s company. You get to have a taste of some great appetizers including Chilled Alaskan King Crab legs, steamed mussels, Escargot, Sauteed Shrimp, Sauteed sea scallops and beef carpaccio. They also have their very own Mastro’s signature seafood tower that looks delicious. You will also get to enjoy the best burgers made by well-known chefs.

Mesa Grill, the king of burgers
If you are looking to have the best burgers in Las Vegas, Mesa grill is one of the places to look for. The place is known to have some amazing burgers that are made with perfection and culinary expertise. The Mesa grill burger by Bobby Flay comes with double cedar cheese, horseradish mustard, and grilled Vidalia onions. The burgers are served with southwestern fries, making it impressive. You can also opt for another option that includes roasted poblanos toppings with queso sauce. Each item added in the burgers gives it a unique taste that you will love and enjoy. For more tasty burger options in Las Vegas visit the page of Here you will find a selection of the best burgers you can get your hands on in the city of gambling.

Piero’s Restaurant
There is no better place to try out some of the famous Italian Cuisine in Las Vegas than at Piero’s restaurant. The location of the restaurant is strategic, and the design is perfect. It comes with a total of 8 rooms where you can sit and order some of the best menus, such as pepperoni Arrostiti. This is a food made of red roasted bell peppers and olive oil as well as garlic to taste. There is also the Prosciutto Con Melone that contains parma ham and melon that have been thinly sliced. Every meal at the restaurant is flavorful, and the sauces are fantastic. Each inclusion is nicely done, and the spices well balanced. You will love the dishes on the menu, which not only has exotic foods but also filled with many Italian cuisines.

The place is known for holding two Michelin stars and AAA five-diamond awards. The Picasso restaurant is a work of art with breathtaking finishes and several of Picasso’s original paintings. It is known to serve both Spain and France cuisines. These dishes are well prepared with some of the best chefs in the industry. While at the restaurant, you can see the impressive Bellagio Fountain shows and thus the perfect place for a meal. You also get to enjoy a wide variety of wines from their private cellar, which is known to hold more than 1500 different types of wines from all over the world.

So far, those are some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, where everyone wishes to dine. Each restaurant has its unique beauty and delectable signature dishes. The foods are prepared by award-winning chefs who have years of experience in the arena, thus making these restaurants unique.

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