Trudeau’s response to Trump’s Sharpie diplomacy ‘gave as good as it got’: US-Canada expert

Canada World

In an act of non-traditional “Sharpie diplomacy”, U.S. president Donald Trump sent at least two handwritten notes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in 2017, according to Axios.A Canadian government official tells Global News the reports in Axios are “not inaccurate.”The president ripped off the cover of a May 2017 Bloomberg Businessweek featuring Trudeau that asked whether he was “the Anti-Trump,” according to Axios. Trump took a silver Sharpie to it and wrote something like “Looking good! Hope it’s not true!” and mailed it to the Canadian embassy in Washington.Canadian ambassador David MacNaughton apparently thought it was a prank at first — but was told by the White House it was indeed a message from the president.WATCH: David MacNaughton talks ‘mixed emotions’ leaving U.S. ambassador role

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