Video shows Calgary Parking Authority attendant parked in front of fire hydrant

Video showing a Calgary Parking Authority vehicle idling in front of a fire hydrant has sparked the city to review the incident.

In the video that was submitted to Global News, a ParkPlus vehicle, which is used to drive around the city enforcing the City of Calgary parking bylaws, can be seen stopped with its lights on within just a few inches of a bright green fire hydrant.

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The person taking the video pans around to the front of the vehicle, which highlights how difficult it would be for an emergency vehicle to get access to the hydrant.

Later in the video, the parking attendant approaches the vehicle and is questioned by the person taking the video.

“Hydrants aren’t important to you guys?” the man is heard saying.

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“It doesn’t matter, you can park in front of a fire hydrant too?”

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“It’s a parking zone,” the attendant replies as he opens the car door to get back inside.

The man taking the video then pans down to the fire hydrant again and asks: “What about this?”

The parking attendant is seen closing the car door and getting ready to drive away before the video ends.

According to the City of Calgary parking bylaw, drivers can’t park within five metres of a fire hydrant. The fine for doing so starts at $40 if paid within the first 10 days, then jumps to $50 if paid within 10 to 30 days. If paid later than that, the fine is $68.

In an emailed statement, the City of Calgary thanked Global News for sharing the videos.

“We’re aware of this matter and will be speaking with our enforcement team to ensure all proper protocols and procedures were followed,” the city said.

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