2 VIDEOS: CJNG Kidnaps Police Inspector “Archi”, Records Video before Decapitating Him

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                     “I am here for having arrested people from the Jalisco Cartel,” says “Archi”
Cartel Jalisco kidnaps Quintana Roo police inspector, forces him to record video and then decapitates him. “I am here for having arrested people from the Jalisco Cartel,” was part of what he said in a message apparently dictated by those who murdered him.

Alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) kidnapped the inspector of the State Police of Quintana Roo last week and forced him to record a video and then killed him.
Commander José Antonio “Archi” Yama was kidnapped on September 19 when he was going to his home after concluding his working day in Playa del Carmen , municipality where since last June he operates in the role of Single Police Command, after the  Ministry of Public Security State took by decree the control of the Municipal Police. VIDEO next page……NO graphic images

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The next of kin of the victim reported his disappearance that same night and, a day later, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that the search for this element was initiated.

On September 21, two videos began to circulate through social networks, in which the police element is seen carrying a weapon and issuing a message apparently dictated by those who plagiarized it.
From Saturday night, through the Facebook account of the same police element, Archi,  images of his already beheaded body were published, but it took until Sunday to find him. FB removed the video.
In this video, the commander points out that he has direct orders from the Secretary of Public Security of the state, Alberto Capella Ibarra , as well as from the governor of the entity, Carlos Joaquín González, to end the Jalisco Cartel presence to allow “Los Rojos Cartel” to enter Quintana Roo.
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SOL Prendido’s Video Translation, Gracias, Sol !

Video translation is as follows:

Good afternoon. My name is José Antonio Archi Yamas. I belong to the State Police. My rank is inspector. And we are at the command of Comandante Aquiles (Alfonso Azarte García) and Comandante Capello (José Alberto Capello Ibarra). We have direct orders to end the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. And also clean the plaza for Los Rojos Cartel to enter. On the orders of Comandante Aquiles, Comandante Capello and the Governor Carlos Joaquín. I am here because of the arrest of members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. Also collaborating are Comandantes Ocampo The Secretary, Comandante Román Quian Alcocer. Who is in politics. Comandante Hugo Manzanilla and Pamchudo

This is how my life ended because I supported Capella and bothered Mencho’s people. Greetings friends. Learn from this.

“We have orders to fight the Jalisco Cartel to clean the Plaza for the “Los Rojos” Cartel, by order of Commander Aquiles, the Secretary of Public Security Alberto Capella and the governor, Carlos Joaquin,” says the element in the message, with an appearance of reading.

“I am here for having arrested people from the Jalisco Cartel ,” he adds, while in the background a narcocorrido is heard.
A day later, on September 22, José Antonio “Archi” Yama was found beheaded and wrapped in a sheet on Avenida Prolongación La Luna, in Cancun .
In his social networks, the state president Carlos Joaquín González condemned the execution and assured that efforts and resources will be “redoubled” to combat insecurity in the state.
“In previous administrations there were not only political favors, but collusion of politicians and criminals to form alliances in a perverse game, where criminals destabilize the government to generate animosity and facilitate access to the power of the associated political group,” he said.
For his part, the Secretary of Public Security, Alberto Capella Ibarra, said on his Twitter account that there will be collaboration with the state government to clarify what happened.
“We reaffirm our full collaboration with the government of Quintana Roo to clarify what happened and bring to justice those responsible for these events. We also recognize the efforts that Governor Carlos Joaquín has been making in favor of the recovery of peace and security in Quintana Roo, ” he published.