Sojo brings unique offerings to the Vegas Valley’s ramen scene

So many Japanese noodle houses have popped up across the Valley the past few years, they almost seem commonplace. But recently, something remarkable hit the scene: Sojo Ramen—from Chef John Chien Lee, the man behind Soho Japanese Restaurant and Soho SushiBurrito—and specifically Sojo’s one-of-a-kind Black on Black bowl.

The southwest Valley eatery’s dusky creation arrives as a mysteriously beautiful cauldron of egg-based strings, sliced chashu pork, miso-braised ground pork, calamari and bean sprouts. Everything’s bathed in a pork-bone broth tinted like midnight with roasted black garlic and squid ink. A garnish of emerald-green garlic chives lends the sorcerous-looking soup a splash of daylight. The 30-day-aged allium imparts an umami nuance that’s deep and earthy, and the sepia adds a briny hint of the ocean. Only 15 orders of the sensational soup are available each day ($12.95), so arrive early to slurp with gusto (just don’t wear white).

More traditional noodle selections await chopsticks and soup spoons, too. The classic tonkatsu ramen comes with sliced pork, soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms and nori ($8.95). Buttery, miso-flavored Sapporo ramen comes sprinkled with corn niblets ($8.95). Champon ramen is vibrant with shrimp and pink-swirled fish cake ($10.95). There’s also a veggie-forward option ($9.50), and sesame-enhanced Kuro-Goma tantanmen powered with spicy chili-oil ($8.95). Gluten-free tofu noodles are available with any selection (add $1.50).

For sides, try the creamy cabbage-carrot coleslaw ($1.50), silky agedashi tofu with bonito flakes ($3.95) and zesty pork wonton “tacos” ($3.95) with an icy mango green tea ($1.95) inside this clean-lined and wood-toned nook.

SOJO RAMEN 7377 S. Jones Blvd., #106, 702-987-9624. Daily, 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.