Mencho expands his drug empire internationally

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In just a few years CJJNG has had an important expansion in Mexico because of controlling the transfer of  drugs in Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Veracruz, Guanajuato, and Mexico City.
However, they are now expanding globally.
According to the DEA CJNG is now operating in the markets of Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
“CJNG is coming one of the most powerful transnational  drug organizations in Mexico and in some cases rivals the Sinaloa Cartel in operations in Asia, Europe and Oceania” states the DEA

CJNG, by virtue of its growing power, continues to expand its operations in the U.S., with police agencies increasingly reporting the cartel as sources of drug supply”.
Contrary to what it does in Mexico CJNG chooses to keep a low profile in Europe where its cargoes are rarely detected.
According to intelligence reports from the DEA, one of the main people responsible for the global expansion of the cartel led by Nemesio Oseguera aka “El Mencho”, was Abigael Gonzales Valencia, “El Cuini”.
Before his arrest in February 2015, he partnered with traffickers from Colombia and other South American countries sending cocaine to Europe.
Also for trafficking into the U.S. CJNG quietly arrived in Juarez.
The people of Mencho and Cuini remained on the sidelines of the violent war that Juarez cartel and a faction of El Chapo’s group fought for control of the plaza.
With this, CJNG entered the US market who along with the Sinaloa Cartel  traffic the most of the synthetic opioid called fentanyl, according to the DEA.
Fentanyl is attributed to the dramatic uptick of overdose deaths in the United States.