Alejandro Sandi and Frédéric Michel Rescued after abduction

Actor Alejandro Sandí and French citizen Frédéric Michel, who were kidnapped this Sunday morning in Nevado de Toluca, were rescued by federal and state authorities in the State of Mexico.
Hours earlier, the Secretary of Public Safety and Protection, Alfonso Durazo, reported that those responsible for the kidnapping had requested a ransom for the release of the victims.
The kidnapping of Mexican actor Alejandro Sandí and the French tourist identified as Frederic “N” occurred around 8:00 on this Sunday.
So far, the authorities have not disclosed details of the release or if any amount was paid for the rescue.

In a video broadcast on social networks, actresses Esmeralda Ugalde and Vanesa Arias narrated how the kidnapping of the actor was on the morning of this Sunday, when armed subjects intercepted them and took their vehicle.
“We were like any tourist, like any family going to visit Nevado de Toluca when armed subjects blocked our path, took Vanesa’s truck,” said Esmeralda.
After the kidnapping was announced, elements of the National Guard and state and municipal security carried out an operation to locate Alejandro and Fréderic.
French Justice opens investigation
The French Justice opened an investigation today for the alleged kidnapping of French national Frédéric Michel, who was captured along with the Mexican actor Alejandro Sandi the day before they visited Nevado de Toluca, to the west of the Mexican capital.
The investigation was opened by the court of Grand Instance in Paris, while investigators from the Central Office Against Violence, together with the French Foreign Ministry, will be responsible for making the inquiries, said the Parisien website.
The French authorities stressed that they “mobilize for a quick location” of their compatriot and expect a “close relationship with local authorities”, and clarified that they will maintain discretion for a more effective search, Le Monde said.