Culiacán Sinaloa: Panic rises after WhatsApp reports alleged presence of armed people

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   ElDebate

Panic is lived in Culiacán after the alleged presence of armed people. | DEBATE

Culiacán. -Around 3:00 p.m., the inhabitants of Culiacán panicked at reports of an alleged shooting near the Lomas de Rodriguera neighborhood, where they let out company employees, as well as students from various UAS faculties. They have already left their classrooms to move to their homes and several schools reported that they suspended classes from the evening shift.
Likewise, several parents reported that they received calls to go for their children in primary and secondary schools in security measures.
People who were shopping in several stores in the city center had to leave the business, because they began to close them, due to the fear caused by the sending of audio and messages by WhatsApp that there were several clashes in the northern sector of Culiacán .

Customers who walked the corridors of the Jeweler Center located between the avenues of Hidalgo and Juarez also had to leave, because they closed as a security measure and let their employees out.
The streets are desolate reminiscent of the violent events that were recorded on October 17 in Culiacán.
So far, the State Preventive Police (PEP) reports that they carry out supervision patrols to deal with reports of shootings in the colonies January 6, Tres Ríos and Loma de Rodriguera, but ensure that there is no indication of the information disseminated in networks social.
SSP Findings: There are no shootings or dangerous situations in Culiacán.
About 30 Minutes ago: The Secretary of State Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo said that security agents will remain on the streets during this Tuesday to attend the reports in Culiacán.
He said that the alleged reports of citizenship did not  provide enough  information, and that the  videos that were reviewed to identify places, did not  corresponding to this city.
He reiterated that the messages spread by the WhatsApp are false and the inhabitants of Culiacán are asked to be calm, and do not believe in misleading messages.