Trump’s is not a godly agenda

Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020 | 2 a.m.

As further proof of President Donald Trump’s loathsome delusions, he has now declared that God supports his destructive political agenda.

If that is so, then God wants more toxins and pollutants to fill our air and water, as Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has allowed.

God wants wildlife killed by the most ruthless means such as aerial hunting, cyanide bombs and mutilating traps, as Trump’s Department of Interior has permitted.

God wants our national parks and monuments ravaged by mining and oil drilling, as Trump has directed.

God wants us to abandon our allies, such as the Kurds as Trump has ordered.

And finally, God wants us to provoke deadly wars with Iran, as Trump is now soliciting.

If this is true, then God is no friend to mankind, wildlife or the Earth. Do we really want to believe this?