AMLO asks the US to investigate former links García Luna–on both sides of the border

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

The President recalled the operation against arms trafficking called ‘Fast and Furious’

President López Obrador requested that the United States also collaborate in investigation into links between former officials and Genaro García Luna.
In a morning conference from Ciudad Juárez, he said that it is a matter of time to know whether or not there is a link. It is sooner or later because not only is there an investigation being done there, the Attorney General’s Office is also doing research, it is investigating from the Treasury with financial intelligence to see everything related to money laundering,” he said.
“I hope I also said it, and I repeat it, that we act in the case of the United States and I say it with all due respect because they are autonomous and independent, it is a free and sovereign nation and we are respectful because we want them to respect us in return, it would be important that it will also seek to reach the findings,  because they are not only Mexican authorities, there are also US authorities, officials of the different agencies that participates in joint operations.

The President recalled the operation against arms trafficking called ‘Fast and Furious’, where Mexico and the US participated when García Luna was head of the Secretary of Security.
“It is a ground operation that affected a lot. We are talking about loss of human lives and that there are no one responsible, are they only here on this side? Who authorized that there? Who were responsible? Apart from our investigation, regardless of ours, there is no hurry; I believe that the whole truth will be known, “he said.