Midwest City, Oklahoma: José Ángel Ramos Apprehension

Video translation is as follows:
The operation was carried out by DEA agent Colby J. Cason. Who on May 26, 2016 received information from an undercover agent who assured him that José Ángel Ramos would receive 31 kilos of methamphetamine in Oklahoma City.
Equivalent to almost 3 million dollars. 2 days later with authorization from a judge José Ángel’s telephone was wiretapped. Initially he was located in hotels in Dallas, Texas.
But by June 1 at 6 a.m. José Ángel was already in Oklahoma. So DEA agents deployed a surveillance operation to track each of his movements.
At noon José Ángel arrived at an IHOP restaurant located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The agents saw that he was accompanied by another man. Who was later identified as Alejandro Favela Santamaría, his assistant.

Both arrived in a white Jeep Cherokee vehicle with Durango license plates. They left the restaurant 45 minutes later. And they headed to a truck stop an hour away.
There they unloaded the drugs from a tractor trailer. Then they moved to a La Quinta Inn hotel. Where they were arrested in the parking lot by DEA agents.
Who found the methamphetamine. 25 packages of one kilo each. But the agents didn’t  just settle for apprehending José Ángel. An undercover agent accompanied him to complete the delivery to a house in Oklahoma.
Where the drug was received by another hispanic woman. Identified as Guadalupe Ortiz Rodríguez. Who in return handed a black bag with money to José Ángel.
At that time the DEA agents proceeded to arrest them. They calculated that there were more than 70 thousand dollars in the bag. José Ángel and his accomplice were accused of conspiracy and possession of methamphetamine with the intention of distributing it.
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source