The Anonymous Elite Mexican Commando Challenges AMLO

Video translation is as follows:
In 2019 we saw a relentless president smashing corrupt heads and drinking their blood to rejuvenate himself and become stronger in power. Without a doubt it was certainly of great benefit to the country.
But it would also be much better if he decapitated the white collar rats he covers with his cloak and attends to his political party. Because aside from it being a purge it would also seem as revenge against all his adversaries.
I want to ask the entire civilian population not to be frightened with all the violence. And don’t think that in this sexennium the black thread is being discovered.
Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador lit the fuse of what has always been an open secret. That officials and authorities threatened by the power of drug trafficking have had to work with them.

And this includes him. Sooner or later the grenade will explode in his hands. In the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN) that he disappeared there was information that we the military collected.
Where it was known that in the internal presidential elections organized crime groups came to vote for him. Since they had agreements beforehand that when they came to power he would allow them to work without persecuting them.
Because of this situation, it was very common for any military checkpoint to be inspected like that of any citizen. Many will not agree with the perception of things.
But the facts say more than a thousand words. The military will continue to work for the good of our country. And we will continue giving everything for Mexico!
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source