San Luis Potosí, Mexico: CJNG Releases a Video Message

Video translation is as follows:
This release is for the entire population of the state of San Luis Potosí. We are the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. And we want to inform you with the latest news within the state. Initiated by a confrontation in the municipality of Villa de Arriaga last Monday, January 13 against the ministerial police cartel led by José Guadalupe Castillo Celestino.
In this act you murdered a woman. And your detainees from that confrontation are nothing more than strangers from Villa de Arriaga that we had. The woman was only accompanying the driver of the car. Of which your Ministerial Police were assaulting with gunfire to stop.
That caused the Ford Explorer truck to roll over and have the woman ejected from the vehicle. We were informed that armed people were attacking a vehicle.

And immediately the Reaction Group went to verify. Upon arriving at the scene the Ministerial Police were kicking a woman on the ground. So we opened fire against the Ministerial Police and they hightailed it out of there. They don’t have what it takes to challenge us.
They can only fight when they’re riding 20 or 30 vehicles deep. They proved to us that they don’t have the balls. For a fight they can only demonstrate abuse against people who have no way of defending themselves.
There are already too many incidents that the Celestino Cartel has made since it took power: Urinating on the former director when he was resigning. The death of Enrique, a boss who was with us. The 3 million we gave you with a trustworthy intermediary.
And yet you couldn’t respect our agreement. That incident the ministerial agents had with the national guard for the sole reason of being in civilians vehicles with no license plates, with tinted windows, uniformed, and armed.
And last of all the death of former state policeman Juan Martín Torres killed on Tuesday, January 24, on your orders. Since he was aware of the many extortions of yours.
The war will continue and will not end until you and your traitorous cartel are terminated. Mr. Governor its never before been seen in the country that the supreme command of the municipal police of a state be in charge of selling drugs, extorting, and kidnapping.
Open your eyes. People are already tired of so much abuse. We’ve arrived to stay. So now look how things are today.
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source