Guaymas Sonora: Banners with narco-messages hung targeting governor and police not “complying with agreement”

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Neal in Nevada!  From VXT
The city of Guaymas Sonora dawned with narcomantas placed in various parts of the city, they accused  the governor and Secretary Durazo for not complying, it is also mentioned in the narcomanta of two patrols.
In these banners the message is for Governor Claudia Pavlovich, Alfonso Durazo, in addition to a signal to the state police that are in units 15084 and 15090.

One banner was placed in Miramar Bridge and the other in the pedestrian raised bridge at the Agustin García Lopez corner with Serdán Avenue.
 Translated by “Sol Prendido”

To Governor Claudia Pavlovich, and your secretary Alfonso Durazo, we told you that we would keep our word, their police agents didn’t. They came asking that there be no violence and there was none. We complied. The state police unit # 15084 and 15090. They kept shifting the blame onto one another to continue receiving money from us. They are more than just rats. Let it be made clear that we’re not some pitiable individuals. If the violence is going to begin it’ll be because of individuals like them.       

Signed by La Plaza