Human Rights Commission warned the Recljusorio Sur Prison was controlled by inmates

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  Reforma

11 of the prison employees charged with allowing the escape

The National Human Rights Commission reported since 2019 that in the Reclusorio Sur Prison the authorities allowed the inmates to control the prison and that the custodians were at a disadvantage to them.
Prison authorities, as detected and alerted by the Commission during a supervisory visit in September 2019, tolerated the co- government of the inmates.
“Exercise of authority functions by persons deprived of liberty. Presence of illegal activities and collections”, indicate the observations of the National Diagnosis of Penitentiary Supervision 2019.

The prisoner operates with a surplus of more than one thousand people, with 4,841 interns.  They also emphasize that in the daily life of the prison, it was also difficult to punish the inmates.
“Resulting in deficiencies in the procedure for the imposition of disciplinary sanctions,” the report adds.