What Popeye Said Before He Passed Away

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Video translation is as follows:
Popeye: The C.I.A. the D.E.A. and the Mexican Marina don’t need to waste one minute before you find yourself doing life in a prison inside the United States. What’s the biggest mistake of the Mexican mafia? 
The Mexican mob kills and kills Mexican brothers and sisters in droves. This is why the Mexican townspeople don’t respect the mafia. If the Mexican mob wants to be respected it must shoot at the corrupt government, shoot at the senators. 
Because they are the ones who have Mexico submerged within these problems. So then what happens, what does the Mexican mafia want? They want dead people. They don’t want money. They want money to have dead people.  And what does the Columbia mob want? 

They want money and more money. And so they learned how to live within society. A Columbia mobster here is no longer seen in a Mercedes, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini. They’re not seen in private jets either. The Columbian mafia now has a very tranquil lifestyle. 
The Mexican brothers of the mob have Toyota’s form here to there. And gold plated buckles as well as golden boots. Their flashiness gets them detected right away. You came from a poor neighborhood. And from one day to the next you have vehicles that stand out everywhere. Or as you guys refer to them as trucks. And your wearing a golden belt buckle and gold boots as well as a big diamond on your wrist. 
Reporter: You get noticed right away. 
Popeye: Yes, you’re noticed right away. What’s wrong with the Mexican mafia? They haven’t learned what we’ve learned. You have to leave the violence. I’m not saying that in drug trafficking this is totally impossible. 
The only way for drug trafficking to end in Mexico is for the new president of Mexico, who is destined to be a fucking communist fiasco, because the one that’s leaving is also an embarrassment, is for the Mexican President to unite and just legalize cocaine and marijuana once the U.S. erects that damn wall. 
And once cocaine is legal in Mexico, in Columbia this is going to be a problem that cocaine became legal in Mexico. And this will also be a problem in the United States. Mexico is a sovereign nation, and a country full of pride. If Donald Trump erects that wall then just go ahead and legalize cocaine. So that you can see how quickly Donald Trump starts to shake away in fear. 
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source