CJNG Covers Guanajuato With Mantas Offering an Reward for El Marro and His Collaborators

It was through mantas that suddenly appeared on Monday morning in different municipalities of the state of Guanajuato. 
The state capital, Silao and Dolores Hidalgo, that the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación is offering a reward for “El Marro”, the leader of the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima, and for his collaborators.

In the mantas the CJNG distances itself from the multiple crimes that are impacting the state such as homicides, extortion, cuotas, and kidnappings. All which have left numerous victims from this war between both organized crime groups within the Guanajuato territory.
They are searching for: 
  • El Marro
  • Kiko
  • Gordo Paz
  • Ranchero
  • Tortugo
  • Miclo
  • Mamey

In the capital, narcomantas were hung early this Monday. At the entrance of the Diego Rivera access tunnel and on the Santa Teresa pedestrian bridge, which caused fear among the population, since the municipality of Guanajuato also has been affected by this fight for the plaza.
Mantas have been reported seen in the cities of Pénjamo, Irapuato, León, Silao, Romita, Guanajuato Capital, Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, Celaya, Salamanca, Villagran, Cortazar, Santiago Valley, Salvatierra, Moroleón, Uriangato, Jerecuaro, Apaseo El Grande, and Apaseo El Alto.
Manta reads as follows:

The CJNG distances itself from all the assassinations that dirty El Marro is committing for the sole purpose of distracting the authorities and heating up the plazas.  

Marro you and your group of addicts need to stop murdering whole families and doing dumb shit. We’re already within all of Guanajuato. And we’ve arrived to do away with all the extortions, kidnappings, illegal tariffs, fuel thieves, car and transport robberies.  

We leave you here with the pictures of the scourge that we have left to apprehend. Whoever can give us data or intelligence for their location and capture. We will reward you with 500,000 pesos for El Marro. And 100,000 pesos for which ever of these you see in the photos. 

We are here in Celaya where we have you detected. You faggot thieves need to stop killing innocent citizens as well as messing with the populace and just come out to meet us for the confrontation. Townspeople of Guanajuato we only ask of you information.  

We will take care of the rest. 

Sincerely, CJNG Grupo Elite