With the community in outrage, CNDH asks Tamaulipas to explain murder of 23 year old engineer at the hands of State Police

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In a document addressed to Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and the Attorney General’s Office, they demand that the case of the young man from Rio Bravo have a prompt response and in which the State Police are involved
This weekend, a young 23-year-old engineer identified as Juan Daniel Ortiz Martínez was shot by state police during an alleged prosecution of criminals.
Juan Daniel, who works in the systems area of ​​the Eaton maquiladora in Reynosa, had left his home in the Ferrocarril Uno Sur neighborhood, located in the municipality of Río Bravo, aboard his truck, when he received at least 50 impacts from bullet fired by elements of the Tamaulipas Force group, their relatives denounced.
The victim’s mother, María Guadalupe Martinez Cepeda, had spoken with her son via telephone, in which she heard how Juan Daniel pleaded for his life.
“He went out to the store, as it took about 15 minutes and I heard detonations, I dialed him, and he answered me the second time, and I heard him screaming not to be shot, but shots were still heard. That was a murder, these policemen snatched my son because they confused him,” said the woman.

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Juan Daniel’s body was inside the van that crashed on the raised bridge of the 109-gaps in the First of May colonia.
During a demonstration on Saturday, February 8, the young engineer’s family said they will file a homicide complaint with the Attorney General of Tamaulipas, because after the incident the area was cordoned off by the same agents who shot Juan Daniel, who claimed to have found firearms.
A video was broadcast on social networks in which allegedly, the elements of the State Police kill Juan Daniel.
In the recording, in which at least two men participate and with a duration of 2:20 minutes, dozens of high-caliber gun shots are heard in the background against a truck that is parked.
The man who made the video [included in above video]  commented: “Right now I’m going to share wey (the clip) because they killed and innocent man. That vato was working wey. The dude did not shoot at any time. That’s why he doesn’t answer, that’s why he says nothing,” he said.
At the bottom of the seizure, a woman is seen accompanied by a man who tries to approach the scene, but is withdrawn by the uniformed men, who begin to cordon off the area.
“The lady, wey, was the mother,” says the man who makes the recording, while listening to a man say in the background “Why do this, assholes?”

For their part, the Attorney General’s Office and the State Public Security Secretariat informed that the ministerial authority initiated the corresponding investigations to determine the the events in which Juan Daniel death took place.