CJNG’s “El Viejon” arrested, suspected of coordinating the Israeli murders in Plaza Artz Pedregal

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   MSN.Espanol.MX 

Personnel of the Attorney General of Mexico City ( FGJCDMX ), in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Security ( SSC ) with the support of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), arrested “ El Viejón ” alleged member of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), at an address of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.
The SSC reported that on July 24, 2019, Carlos Fernando Huerta Núñez aka “Viejón”, was likely responsible for coordinating the hitmen’s cell to commit the killing of citizens of Israeli origin in a restaurant located in the Plaza “Artz ” Pedregal.
“The FGJ and the SSC initiated various investigation proceedings aimed at the identification in the Álvaro Obregón and Cuajimalpa mayor’s offices, of a criminal cell of a criminal group operating in the state of Jalisco,” the agency said in a statement.

In addition, the SSC explained that according to research, that cell is possibly led by a person who responds to the name of  Carlos Fernando Huerta Núñez, alias “El Viejón”.
There is knowledge derived from research, that Carlos Fernando Huerta Núñez aka “Viejón”, is under the orders of Julio Cesar Moreno Pinzón aka “Tarjetas”, operational leader of the CJNG in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, Jalisco, considered as one of The trusted operators of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka “El Mencho”, leader of the “CJNG”, highlighted the Secretariat.
Likewise, Carlos Fernando Huerta Núñez aka “Viejón”, is possibly in charge of recruiting new elements to reinforce operational cells that are located in several entities of the country, for the service of the criminal group and the handling of payroll payment to the hired assassins, who dispute the control of the sale and distribution of drugs.
Similarly, the Secretariat indicated that as a result of the investigations carried out by the Investigative Police of the FGJCDMX and the SSC it was possible to locate two addresses linked to the criminal group, in the Santa Fe neighborhood , Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, and at the address located in the San Mateo Tlaltenango neighborhood, Cuajimalpa mayor’s office .

At this site when carrying out the Search Measures, about one kilogram of cocaine and cocaine doses, short and long weapons, a grenade launcher, grenades, cartridges and magazines were found, said the agency.