El Marro responds to CJNG Message and Reward Offer

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Translation by Sol Prendido

The following is a supposed response of El Marro to Mencho and CJNG. The content is in question as it is only posted by Breitbart, BDN and Grillonautuas.  Sol doesn’t think the voice sounds like Marro, whereas I do. Since it was requested by BBB followers we decided to post it with this disclaimer.

Translation, Marro begins at 6:10 in the video
Well, let’s see motherfuckers. I’m going to send you fucking faggots from Jalisco a message, you clowns from the Nueva Generación. Stop bullshitting everyone with your fucking propaganda assholes. Why pretend your hot shit if you all know where we are.

You faggots must have a very good discount with some printing company that’s cheap enough to afford. Stop all your fucking lying about me killing innocents and all this other bullshit. Don’t act like your shit don’t stink sons of bitches. Or am I the only bad guy here?

 You should’ve sent a convoy of trucks to have hanged those mantas so that you can all see how shit really is here. Stop lying to yourselves with all this talk about us coming out to face the confrontation, motherfuckers we’ve been everywhere like nothing. Yurira, Jerécuaro, Los Apaseos (Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato – Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato), Salamanca, we’ve been everywhere faggots.
And in groups of 4 we’ve been everywhere you fucking faggots. So don’t try to say you’re calling anyone out to the confrontation. Try coming near us with 3 or 4 trucks so you can see how things turn out for you. I’m here in plain fucking sight so don’t bother offering a reward for me faggots.
Just send 2 or 3 trucks and stick around for a bit as we’ve done everywhere in the past motherfuckers. And you’ll soon enough see us fucking come out. You fucking faggots should be grateful that last year the government operations affected me a bit. Otherwise, there would be nothing left of you fucking faggots, not even a memory.
Either way we’re still here to fuck you all up. The choice is yours assholes. Choose what you faggots think is best: Tripa, Ron, Moy, Abus, faggot Rodillon, and whoever else assholes. I told you from the get go Moy, you son of a bitch I told you when I spoke to you Tonino, you two should at least fight for something for yourselves you fucking dumbasses.
You’re both dropping your panties for faggots that you don’t even know. Either wat that shit doesn’t matter. You faggots all know by now that we’re not going to give up. We’re going to fight until we kill you or until we’re killed. Just so you motherfuckers know.

Don’t bother crying like bitches faggots about us killing innocents. We’re all a gang of tough motherfuckers. Don’t act like faggots claiming you’re going to clean the town up. You can’t even fix shit in your own homes. Otemi, and Misamaripa, just give me 2 or months time government and I’ll purge these fucking thieves.
 Let’s make money. Let’s make money as we’ve done so in the past. Let’s adjust ourselves well so that these fucking morons can see. Just give me a bit, 2 or 3 months max. Between now and birthday in July none of these sons or bitches will be left. You motherfucking faggots. You sons of bitches all know you shouldn’t be crying.
Try coming into the fucking neighborhood with 2 or 3 trucks, as we’ve done so in the past. You’ve only been able to go into Colonia Olivos with 1 fucking truck to do a hit. Come into the neighborhood with 3 or 4 trucks just to prove if you can do it. Give it a try. Show your faces sons of bitches. You all look like fucking faggots whenever you post videos with your voices disguised. I’m here for whatever you want sons of bitches. We’re here and we’re not leaving assholes. I’m here all alone just so you faggots can see. Let me know once you gang of cowards are fucking ready