Borderland Beat Vlog with narrative translation: Episode 6 Buggs interviews “Lalo” Agent 913

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   from BB Vlog Podcasts  YouTube

Vlog Translation by “Cruz A.”

Buggs conducts an interview with “Lalo”.  Lalo was once a federal highway police agent in Mexico City.  After he was laid off, he was “invited” to Juarez around the time of the death of Juárez Cartel capo, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, in 1997.  A time when Juárez was a war zone with the Arellanos fighting for the territory which  they assumed Juárez Cartel would be vulnerable and unstable after Amado’s death.

The entire interview transcript follows this extract 

Buggs: At one point in time you were a member of the Juarez Cartel? 

Lalo: Yes, I infiltrated the Juarez Cartel. 

Buggs: But you were also working with ICE right? 

Lalo: Initially I… 

Buggs: You worked for them.  

Lalo: You could say I Infiltrated the Cartel on ICE’s request.

WARNING!!! In video intro below…VERY graphic images are depicted 

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