320 federal prisoners from the Altiplano prison arrive in Coahuila after “making room” for El Marro

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 

José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, El Marro is now an inmate in  Altiplano, Mexico’s only supermax prison.
First authorities had to do a little housecleaning.
320 inmates had to be transferred out before the arrival of El Marro.
In two groups, the inmates, confirmed of not being members of Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, were transferred to Coahuila, specifically to the Cefereso number 18 Mesillas in Ramos Arizpe.
Official explanation: the transfer was made in consideration that “the inmates are not in suitable conditions for an effective coexistence” with the Huachicolero leader.

SSPC sources confirmed that this morning the inmates departed aboard two planes, belonging to the National Guard (GN) to the Saltillo International Airport, Coahuila, where they arrived at around 7am yesterday.
“El Marro” is accused of drug trafficking, but mainly of being one of the largest leaders in the country of the theft of hydrocarbons while leading the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

and below the strange Hollywood wanna be production of  “We bagged Marro”.