A Sicario of the GN captured in Madera

They captured “El R-3” of “Gente Nueva del Jaguar” in Madera, Chihuahua.
As part of the strategic operations deployed in the western area of the state, elements of the State Public Security Secretariat captured R-3 in possession of an AR-15 rifle in the city of Madera.

In the police operation carried out by the authorities, Edgar “N”, alias “El R3”, was arrested, who was driving a 2007 GMC Sierra line, 2007 model and had in his possession a .223 caliber firearm with at least 3o rounds.

R-3 admitted that he belongs to a criminal group that operates in the region and surrounding towns known as “Gente de Encinas” under the control of “La Gente Nueva del Jaguar.”

He was turned over to the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office.