Acapulco Gro: Cinematographer Erick Castillo Murdered, Discovery Channel Contributor

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“He died at the hands of crime in Acapulco while spending a few days off,” said the Mexican Society of Cinematographic Photography Authors after filming a project for the Discovery Channel.

The cinematographer Erick Castillo Sánchez, a Discovery Channel collaborator, was killed Wednesday night in Acapulco, Guerrero, allegedly in an assault attempt.
According to a report by Reforma newspaper , the 46-year-old cinematographer was with his wife on vacation in Acapulco.

The couple had stopped at a convenience store at 8.30pm when four men arrived in an SUV and opened fired. The photography director for the Discovery Channel has been shot dead by gunmen who were attempting to steal his vehicle Wednesday night in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco, in the Alfredo Bonfil area. 

His wife Estefanía Carpio told investigators the assailants approached them and told her to step to the side.
According to Mexican outlet La Jornada, the gunmen told the married couple: ‘Get inside the truck, we are not going to do anything.’ An argument ensued and the group fired at the photographer with a shot striking him in the head. 
Carpio then ran for cover and when she came back she found her husband on the ground. The attackers escaped.
On Thursday, Carpio posted a series of black and white photos on her Instagram account along with a heartfelt message that included lyrics from The Beatles song, Golden Summers.
The Guerrero State Attorney General is leading the investigation into Castillo Sánchez’s murder. No arrests have been reported.
Erick Castillo was a cinematographer originally from Chiapas, who worked in advertising and documentaries with Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He was also the director and founding partner of Cronos Pictures SA de CV, according to the Quadratin Guerrero agency.
The Mexican native also collaborated on the 2019 Oscar-winning film, Roma. Castillo Sánchez was a cinematographer of film, advertising and documentaries. 
Discovery Networks Latin America lamented the death of Castillo Sánchez, “their friend and collaborator” and joined family members, friends and colleagues close to the cinematographer grieving the shocking loss.