Aguascalientes, Mexico: CJNG Sends Video Message Out To Governor and Mayors

 Sol Prendido Borderland Beat Alerta Codigo Rojo

Translation of video narrative,  view video using hyperlink above 

“With all due respect, Mr.
Governor of Aguascalientes Martín Orozco Sandoval.
Mayors: María Teresa Jimenez Esquivel, María Cristina
López González, Balam Alivia López, José Antonio Arámbula López, Juan José
Lozoya Ponce, Jesús Prieto Díaz, Juan Luis Jasso Hernández, Eusebio Enrique
Delgado Espasa, Cesar Pedrosa Ortega, Oscar Israel Caramillo, and Cuauhtémoc
Escobedo Tejada.

We are the legitimate mob of El
Mencho. And we’re here to clarify certain matters. The CJNG does not commit
itself to steal, kidnap, or extort. Nor de we bother the decent citizens. Like
the Municipal Police does so under the orders and protection of the
Commissioner Juan Muro Díaz.

Look here Muro. You can start
controlling those dumb asses from the Ministerial Police Headquarters who think
of themselves as hot shot Sinaloans. Or I can start murdering them. The CJNG
wants to maintain Aguascalientes in peace. But you’re not allowing yourself to
be helped by us. Tell me just how much Mario is paying you and I’ll match his
price 3 times over.

That 1 dumb ass that you guys
picked up and afterwards killed from that seamstress shop didn’t belong to
CJNG. We don’t recruit stupid people. Those individuals like to hang off of the
coattails of our enterprise to do dumb shit.

Anyways, we give thanks to the
Ministerial Police Cartel for eliminating for us one more idiot from our path.
Just as well for all the ones that you’ve also killed. And afterwards you leave
at these crime scenes your cheaply made tarps within public places.

To begin with don’t be some cheap
bitches about it. Learn first how to properly make a cartel video announcement.
Even if you guys try to disguise your voices it does you no good. We already
know who all you are. And where exactly everyone one of you live. Greetings
Cesar Edwardo Camacho Molina aka El Chupon from the Ministerial Police.

You no longer have La Muñeca or
Prangeli to help you out because they bitched out on you. So now you have El
Cobre and El Mike. You fucking bitch! It’s surprising how cheap you’re willing
to sell yourself out for. You’re obviously not making enough money to pay your
distributors. And so you send out your police personnel in official police
units. To align, supplement, and to collect the money from your extortions as
well as your drug sales.

In due time I will make public
the license plates numbers, names, and videos that corroborate my words”.