CAF: Reports allege EL Flaquito arrested in Tijuana, with municipal police attempting to free him

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Follower of BB via comments

A year ago Huerta was almost captured
at the 1st floor of parking lots (E1) of the Grand Hotel Tijuana. A shootout
ensued. Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño aka “El Flaquito”, 28 years
old and considered by the authorities as one of the most threatening criminals
among drug trafficking operators in the Baja California Coast Zone, fled on
foot from the scene where his brother (some say nephew) Ronaldo Alexis Huerta
Nuño “El Bananas” was shot dead.  (image at bottom)

Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño, CAF

“El Flakito”, “El Flaco”, “El 26”,
“El Flash”

There are early reports of the
capture of  Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño, of CAF.  This is a big capture.

The arrest was made and as he was
being held inside the FGR (Federal Attorney Offices) in Tijuana, allegedly
municipal police made an attempt to free him.

As his transfer is being prepared
he is now heavily guarded. 

Huerta, is the top operator in
the Arellano Feliz Cartel organization and pointed to as the source of most

More details as they are released.