CDN getting crushed in violent war against government elements in Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo Laredo, Tampauilipas – Elements from the SSP of the Tamaulipas government and SEDENA repelled two aggressions from CDN / Z. They also managed to stop 2 hit men and kill 3 more during the confrontation. 3 trucks were secured, 2 with Tropa del Infierno insignias, weapons, magazines and ammunition.
The events occurred yesterday afternoon when armed civilians in trucks with Tropa del Infierno insignias attacked two State Police and Mexican Army soldiers. Causing damage to two of the security forces units. 
During the first event, state police located three trucks that circulated in the Hidalgo neighborhood. Upon detection, the occupants attacked the Public Security elements and, in their flight, the crew members of two of the trucks collided with each other and hit a privately owned vehicle. They managed to escape. There were no injuries.

Graphic Image below

In that occurrence, two armor plated trucks, weapons, tactical equipment and caltrops were secured.
Later, in a second event, state and military policemen who made tours were attacked. In fact there were two detainees and three dead aggressors. Weapons, magazines and ammunition were secured. Just as well a truck with Texas license plates.
Surveillance actions in Nuevo Laredo continue in a coordinated manner between state and federal corporations to preserve security and tranquility in the city.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat SOURCE