CJNG: Maximiliano Gonzalez Interrogation and Disappearance

Cancún, Quintana Roo – The investigation into the disappearance of Maximiliano Gonzalez Rojas on October 27 has taken an unexpected turn.
Now that a video allegedly recorded of him has surfaced where he says that the following happened to him because he sold drugs on behalf of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel. All this while being surrounded by masked men. 
The 18-year-old wearing a white shirt explains that he had “trouble paying the bill at the Cavana District nightclub”, subsequently he went home and then a few blocks away from the establishment he and his friend were kidnapped.

In the video he reveals names of those who work for them and says that the boss is Carlos L., whom he sees every two weeks on the Playa del Carmen-Cancún highway, in an agreement with his father, who supposedly has knowledge of his activities.
He also says that the following are involved in the sale of drugs: “Adriana Carlo, José Alexis Juárez who moves around by way of a taxi and lives in Paseo Cataluña”, a woman who’s last name is Pizarro, who moves around in a Chevrolet Aveo and Constanza López, who lives in Aqua.
Keep in mind that just two weeks ago he went on vacation to the United States and then came to Cancun. While he is being threatened with long weapons, he gives details of his bosses and accomplices.
It must be remembered that after the State Attorney General’s Office made official the disappearance of Maximiliano González Rojas, publishing the file with his data and photograph, different versions began to emerge on what happened.
As for the day on which the events occurred, it is detailed that the 18-year-old arrived on Saturday night at the “Cavana District” disco, in the company of a friend, whose identity has not been revealed.
According to the friend’s version, two subjects came to where they were, and aggressively approached Maximiliano. His friend told him to relax, that perhaps they had confused him with another person.
Video translation is as follows:
My name is Maximiliano Gonzalez Rojas. On Saturday I went with some friends to the Cavana District club. At the end of the night I couldn’t pay the bill. And so I returned with a friend to my house. A few blocks from my house while exiting a taxi my friend and I were kidnapped. 
I’m in this situation for selling drugs for the Jalisco Cartel. Carlos Luna distributes me in the business, he is also my employer. I see him every 2 weeks on the Cancun Playa highway. He drives a white Chevrolet Express. The business started 6 months ago with my dad. He was the one who supported me for my financial expenses.
The contact was had in a Soriana store with a lady named Adriana Carlo. Her ex boyfriend was José Luis Camacho, and he originally had the connect with Carlos Dura. 
My 3 friends and leaders are Jose Alexis Juarez Ramirez, he lives in Altatapeo 1 Casa de Cataluña, Supermanzana 18 Casa 13. He doesn’t own a vehicle to move around in so he uses a taxi. Sometimes Itzel Pizarro gives him a lift and she lives in the apartments next to Casa 1 next to Casa Noble. She moves around in a brown Chevrolet Aveo. 
And the third is Juana. They call her Constanza Lopez, she lives in Aqua and moves around in a red Mini Cooper. I just got back from the U.S. and this happened to me because I worked for Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source