CJNG sends message to El Mayo Zambada

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus   

Sicario: Mayo Zambada you wanted
to see the real Cartel Jalisco. Well, here they are, they’re all here. We’re
the ones that came to fuck up your men in Zacatecas who were playing dumb

I also have another group of
sicarios who gave you a taste of our medicine in Huazamota, Durango. 

going to go all the way into Mezquital (Mezquital, Durango) you son of a bitch.
The absolute mob of El Mencho will be the only ones to rule here. Stop killing
innocent citizens and playing dumb ass. Absolute people of Mencho!

Sicarios in unison scream:
Absolute people of El Mencho.

Sicario: This is just a taste of
what’s to come! ……..By Sol Prendido

Warning: there are images of dismemberment in the video