Coahuayana, Michoacán: CJNG Video Message to Carteles Unidos

Video translation is as follows:

This is a statement for the towns of Coahuayana and Aquilla. We approach with the respect they deserve to clarify various matters here.

And to also clarify that our war is not against the townspeople. Since we have shown the townspeople and ranches that we have come far from damaging anything. Unlike the scum ass pussies of El Teto and El Toro. They want you to believe the opposite though.

We help our people with what we can. Because we are not from Jalisco. More than anything else we are Michoacános at heart. Unlike that scum Carteles Unidos. We also want to clarify the reason for our war in Aquilla and Coahuayana.

It is because the ones who truly betrayed the self defense movement were Héctor Cepeda Navarate and Herman Ramirez Sánchez. They began to unload cocaine in boats and airplanes belonging to El Abuelo Farías since 2017.

As well as for Felipe Villalobos. In addition to doing the same thing that the Caballeros Templarios did, such as collecting fees. Nowadays they are calling it voluntary collections. They charge the city council to give them money for gas. And the banana tree owners are charged 1500 pesos per week.

This is being done to pay their drug users payroll. Look here Teto Muelas you jackass. You should at least have the balls to let the townspeople know who you really are. Since for the better part of your life you’ve always been scum. 

But now you try to pass yourself off as being a saint. Go ahead and let everyone know what all you were doing as a human smuggler when you were in Nogales, Arizona. Tell them how many of your clients you left abandoned in the desert out there. 

Just as well let everyone know how you were buying stolen vehicles from the Caballeros Templarios. So that you could dismantle them in your chop shop. Also let the townspeople and the government know where you got the money to buy the houses, ranches, machinery, livestock and the groves of papaya. 

That your brother-in-law Carlos Alcalan, your sister Mireya Cepeda, and your nephew are maintaining for you. Also the houses that you own in Fresno, California. Among the properties that you also have in the state of Washington. 

These were all purchased under your step daughters name. Have the balls to admit to everyone who really killed Rosalva’s son, La Chuza’s, and Lupe Aguilar’s son as well. Also the rest of the individuals who have died since 2014 up until now. 

In that interview that you had with Grillonautas you should’ve admitted to how you pass your time brutally assaulting the townspeople. Not just you but El Toro as well. You should’ve also admitted that your counterparts jumped ship to go with Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación because you were only paying them a measly 1000 pesos. 

And you were pocketing 300,000 to 400,000 pesos for every boat cargo. And 300,000 for every plane load. In your interview for Grillonautas you should also have told them how you are the one who controls the plaza. 

And how your son is the person who sells crystal with in Coahuayana. You also protect the thieves on the account that they help you patrol the area. You know damn well that you’re nothing more than human garbage. 

You like to throw the stone and then just as quickly hide the fact that you did it. For the government we want you to know that we don’t want any problems with you guys. But you have to stop protecting the Carteles Unidos along the Michoacán coast. 

We already know that you guys like to protect and take care of them. You guys got into an accident for protecting them. The National Guard, the Army, and Mexican Marines. You all know exactly who El Teto and El Toro are. And what all they do for a living. 

But even then you place yourselves under their orders. You need to instead do your jobs. And do it well. Take care of the townspeople and not the Carteles Unidos. And as for El Teto’ s mistress, Senator Griselda Valencia de la Mora. 

Does Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador know that you protect your lover the narco trafficker and leader for Carteles Unidos Hector Cepeda Navarrete? Just as well you also protect Herman Ramirez Sanchez. Did you also mention to him that you own properties in San Juan de Lima. Your earnings from your lovers protection. 

Let him also know how you removed the orders of apprehension against your lover with the former Attorney General. You went so far as to fly him out to Lázaro Cárdenas to feign his arrest. What about your other lover the lawyer Claudia Teyes? Your headquarters know very well that for 5000 pesos you eavesdrop on Teto’s enemies phone lines. 

Mr Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Pay attention to the electoral process. Because El Teto and El Toro are the ones who influence who the next Municipal President’s will be. They do this to squeeze them and to protect their interests. Besides, they use them as nothing more than mediators for the State and Federal Government. 

This goes out to you Muelas de Burra. Don’t think that because the government protects you that you will have eternal life. Leave no doubt in your mind that we are going to kill you. You initiated this war when you killed Daniel Rosas Sanchez and Daniel Mendoza Rollas. This all transpired with the help of the Mexican Government’s 65th Infantry Battalion.

Along with your drug users you had them killed in (inaudible), Michoacán. This war will end when you’re dead. And you know very well that we will achieve this. Sincerely, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.