Coronavirus: ‘Miracle’ girl takes first steps during lockdown

Felicity Edgar and Amber Lineham Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Felicity Edgar’s mother said she was “a fighter” who “has proved everybody wrong”

A three-year-old girl who doctors thought would never walk has taken her first steps during lockdown.

Felicity Edgar was starved of oxygen and had to be resuscitated when she was born in 2017 after delays in giving her mother a caesarean section.

This left Felicity with cerebral palsy, an incurable condition which affects movement and co-ordination.

Her mother Amber Lineham said Felicity was “a fighter” who “has proved everybody wrong”.

Ms Lineham, 24, from Crayford, said: “The doctors said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night, so we had her christened that day.

“But she’s a fighter and she survived.”

Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Ms Lineham said Felicity’s first steps were “a lockdown miracle”

Felicity was born at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London and doctors later told Ms Lineham she would never be able to walk.

But with the help of a walker, Felicity has been able to take her first steps.

Ms Lineham said Felicity had been given a walker previously but was never comfortable using it and had not taken any steps.

During lockdown, Ms Lineham decided to give it one more go on the way to a sweet shop and was stunned when Felicity began walking.

“It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and one of the best moments for me ever,” Ms Lineham said.

“She has done this against the odds and it makes me so proud.

“When Felicity was born we so nearly lost her and after that the doctors said she would never walk or talk.

“But she has proved everybody wrong and she is our own lockdown miracle.”