Coronavirus: Nurse spends ‘wedding day’ on front line

Olivia Hall Image copyright Olivia Hall
Image caption Olivia Willams is a nurse at University College Hospital, near Euston in London

A nurse has spent what should have been her wedding day treating coronavirus patients in a London hospital.

Olivia Willams and Alex Violaris were meant to get married on Saturday but had to postpone their big day due to the lockdown.

Instead of walking down the aisle, Ms Williams spent the day working at University College Hospital.

She said she was “disappointed” it had been cancelled but felt “very proud to be working on the front line”.

“In the grand scheme of things, rearranging a wedding is insignificant in comparison to what many families are going through at the moment,” the 29-year-old added.

Image copyright Alex Violaris/Olivia Hall
Image caption The couple has re-arranged their wedding for October

The couple has been living apart and has seen very little of each other in the past eight weeks.

Ms Williams is living by herself in a house owned by Mr Violaris’ cousin so that she is able to self isolate.

Mr Violaris said they were speaking daily via FaceTime but had only seen each other three times while socially distanced.

That included on Saturday when he drove to her house to deliver flowers and brownies, along with a recorded message.

“I had arranged for lots of our friends and family to record a video message of themselves thanking Olivia for her hard work and saying how excited they were for when we are actually able to get married,” the 30-year-old said.

The couple, who also had to cancel their honeymoon in the US, are now due to get married in October.