Culiacán: Sinaloa State Policeman Gunned Down

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
[another version of the CDS retaliation story]

                                        Sinaloa state policeman killed with more 50 shots

This is a state police officer who was supposedly an escort of the PEP undersecretary, the man was shot in the parking lot of a plaza in Culiacán on Wednesday morning.

The events were recorded in the parking lot of a plaza in the Las Moras neighborhood, which is located on the boulevard with the same name and the Jesús Kumate Boulevard.
Despite the secrecy of the authorities, it was noted that the murdered state policeman was identified as Eduardo ‘N’ of Costa Rica, who apparently belonged to the Protection Services area.

According to the information, the policeman was found inside his white Nissan Sentra car, which presented dozens of bullet impacts,  the caps of which were encircling the car.  There was also a long gun and a flask radio (special police accessory).
Next to the car where the dead policeman lay there was also a Ford Escape brand truck, which also had bullet impacts on the driver’s side door and on the left front fender.
It should be noted that the violent murder occurred in front of a business selling meat, which was open, and around 8:00 am the employees were removed from the scene. The officer had just gotten off of his work shift and probably had stopped for an errand on the way home.
The Secretary of Security in Sinaloa, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, said that this cowardly fact should not go unpunished, like all those that affect society, so immediately a search operation was deployed to locate the possible aggressors of the uniformed.
He stressed that, he will collaborate with the State Attorney General’s Office to provide all the information that helps the investigation and find those responsible for this artful crime that hurts not only the police corporations but the entire Sinaloan society.
Castañeda Camarillo indicated that Eduardo joined the corporation since 2013 and belonged to the Elite Group of the State Preventive Police. He also mentioned that Eduardo was not on duty the fateful day in October of the failed attempt to arrest Ovidio Guzmán.
He regretted once again, that security forces are affected in this way, however, he said that this is a clear example of the risk in which  police officers perform daily, men and women, exposing their own lives to safeguard that of others.