DEA investigation of el “Azulito”: they will investigate if the son of El Azul narco died of COVID

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The death of Juan José
Esparragoza Monzón, alias el “Azulito” and/or el “Negro” was
as discreet as his criminal life.

The son of the capo Juan José
Esparragoza, aka el “Azul”, who was one of the most important leaders
of the Sinaloa Cartel, apparently died last month due to the coronavirus and
was buried in the narco famous Jardines del Humaya pantheon in Culiacán,

El “Azulito”, one of the
pillars on which the powerful Sinaloa organization was based, was fired by
great bosses such as Rafael Caro Quintero and the Arzate García brothers,
operators in Baja California.

Who was “Azulito”

He grew up in Badiraguato,
Sinaloa, the birthplace of other great criminals such as Joaquín el “Chapo”
Guzmán. From a young age, he showed himself as a skillful negotiator in the
world of drug trafficking.

In 2017, Juan José Esparragoza
Monzón was captured and  in the hands of
the authorities. Only 57 days he was imprisoned in the prison of Aguaruto,
Sinaloa, from where he escaped along with other members of organized crime.

During the administration of
Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) , the authorities put el “Negro” on
the list of the 122 most wanted criminals in Mexico, as he was accused of
laundering resources for the Sinaloa Cartel through several companies in Baja
California, Jalisco, Querétaro and Sinaloa. His proverbial discretion makes it
difficult to reconstruct some periods of his life, however, in the years he was
in prison, a detailed profile emerged. According to him, el “Negro”
was linked to violence in the north of the country.


El Jardin Narco Cementary 

                                                             Wreath from Rafael Caro Quintaro