Donkey Rescued from Crackhouse !

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Unimexicali y BajaPost

This will not be an important story to many, but to what lengths do crack heads go and why ?? Thank goodness a good soul made the call !

A call was received to the Forest and Zoo Department of Mexicali, where the staff was asked to rescue of a donkey that was locked in an abandoned house in the Portales neighborhood, inside a property which was allegedly used by drug addicts as a crack house.

Upon arriving at the scene the forest staff realized that the animal was in very bad health conditions.
Animal or Donkey lovers beware of photo on Next Page:

José Luis García Chavira, director of the forest and zoo of Mexicali said that when they arrived they confirmed that it was a female of the species Donkey (Burro), and that the animal had several severe injuries in the head, ears, and deep cuts in the hind legs, which required immediate veterinary attention.
                                         Humans are not the only victims of drug abuse
Once in the facilities of the Forest and Zoo, the donkey received the attention of the team of veterinarians of the institution, who performed the corresponding medical attentions. The specimen was anesthetized, and then the vets proceeded to wash and disinfect the wounds and suture them.
The donkey was also given antibiotics, vitamins, and intravenous fluids. The animal is currently still under medical care and recovering satisfactorily at the Zoo.
Donkeys and /or burros can live 40 -50 years with a healthy life style and some hoof care and are not worked to death. Many people the world over just use them for overloaded beasts of burden and they don’t live much beyond 10-12 years. I will call this donkey LUCKY ! Get well soon !