“El Jarocho” Tortured, Interrogated, Executed and Hung from Bridge, Tuxpan, Veracruz w Video

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In Veracruz , on Monday morning a body appeared hanging from a bridge that is located between the community of Santiago de la Peña and the port of Tuxpan. The body had a face covered with a clear plastic sheet.

During the morning a video was broadcast where the victim allegedly appears while being interrogated by a group of organized crime. See Video below, safe to watch.

The alleged hitman of the 35-Z group was tortured, interrogated, executed and hung on a bridge in Tuxpan, Veracruz by four hooded criminals wearing long guns thought to be from Grupo Sombra.

While silently imploring his aggressors to stop torturing him, Facundo Juárez Ortigoza , alias  “El Jarocho” , a hitman of the criminal group “35-Z” , is interrogated by several men belonging to the Grupo Sombra  cell.

The facts were recorded in a video, where the hitmen, who act as “defenders of the people,” threaten to clean up crime in Tuxpan, Veracruz.
The dispute between both criminal groups could bring a new war to the entity, which according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Security System  has  registered 1,310 homicides from January to July. 

Federal authorities launched an operation to locate those responsible for this homicide .
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– I am “Jarocho” , in charge of centrals,  I am dedicated to extortion, raising fees.  I work for Commander “Mono”, the person in charge of 35-Z, is in charge  here of extorting people just like me, ” said the victim.

The threat continued: “Government, we are not against you, we know what you do not know. And for all those people who are still clinging to not giving up, they already know what will happen to them,” they warned.

After the exposure of the alleged extortionist, his body appeared hanging from a bridge. So far, no person has come forward to identify the body. The body of “El Jarocho”, 39 years old , presented blows and traces of torture.

                              Grupo Sombra, the bloodthirsty cell that allied with “El Marro”

Paradise is at risk. In less than two years, drug trafficking has placed Veracruz on the lists of the most dangerous states in Mexico . But, long investigations are not required to conclude who have been the main actors in drug-related crimes and squabble disputes.

Formed in the first half of 2017, the Shadow Group arrived to stay in Veracruz. Established in municipalities such as  Tuxpan, Poza Rica, Coatzintla and Tihuatlán , drug traffickers threatened police and criminals alike:  “nobody can get into our territories, ” they said. The group  was integrated by members of the Gulf Cartel.

On August 8, 19 hanged and dismembered bodies were located in the streets of the municipality of Uruapan , sources from the Michoacán government reported.

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