‘El Muletas’, from the Jalisco Cartel, target of the Irapuato massacre

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TYGUS   Milenio

Perpetrators of the Irapuato massacre were searching for El Muletas at the rehab center, who wasn’t at the center..

The rehab center located in the Arandas community in the municipality of Irapuato operated under the control of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, and it was the war between it and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel [CSRL]that led to the murder of 27 people who were in the center, authorities close to the case confirmed.
According to investigations carried out by the State Attorney General’s Office, on July 1 at least four people arrived at the center around 5:00 p.m. On the ground floor they found women, whom they made leave and went upstairs, where they found subjects whom they questioned about the presence of an alleged member of the CJNG identified only with the nickname of “El Muletas”, who was not at the center and has not been located so far. 
The victims at the scene were killed for failing to respond satisfactorily to the murderers.
One of the alleged perpetrators had an arrest warrant for other crimes; As a result of these events, the three involved were investigated for their alleged responsibility for other criminal acts.
The ficalía ruled out disclosing the identity of those involved given an order from the control judge and announced that the three will be immediately placed at the disposal of the judicial authority to answer for the crimes that the Public Ministry attributes to them.

vests and weaponry of the assassins
“There is enough founded data that allow us to assume probable cause that the three accused persons also belong to a criminal group that operates in the Laja-Bajío area, and the information will be shared with the federal authorities on the matter,” a prosecutor’s statement read.
From the detainees were seized from three long weapons, three small arms, cartridges, ballistic vests, chargers, tactical uniforms, as well as doses of drugs,  marijuana and meth.
A federal judge granted a provisional suspension to José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, El Mochomo, the alleged leader of Guerreros Unidos, who ordered his release; however, he will continue to stay in prison, as he was unaware of the existence of another  order issued against him allowing  the prosecution to continue investigating him for 40 days.