Fed and State authorities investigate the Cartel del Señor del Valle, hitmen of CJNG in Michoacán

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Cuarto Poder Michoacan

The intelligence areas of the Federal and State governments are investigating Cártel del Señor del Valle, (Lord of the Valley Cartel), a cell of hitmen that has been operating for months in the Huetamo-Tiquicheo region, allegedly under the orders of Alejandro Carranza Ramírez “Chito Cano”, lieutenant of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).
This group of hired killers established themselves as Cártel del Señor del Valle, through a video that they broadcast on social networks and in which they swear loyalty to the criminal organization of the CJNG, in their fight against the Cartel of the New Michoacan Family armed wing of Los Viagras.
According to information from the intelligence areas of the Federal and State governments, Cártel del Señor del Valle is a group of gunmen who for months settled in the Valle de Huetamo region, which includes that municipality and of Tiquicheo, Cáracuaro, Nocupétaro, San Lucas and Tuzantla, as well as several more from the neighboring State of Mexico and Guerrero.

 According to investigations, this armed group would be under the orders of the alleged drug trafficker Alejandro Carranza Ramírez, nicknamed “Chito Cano”, who has has several “narcocampamentos” dismantled by the National Guard, the Army and the Michoacán police.
“Chito Cano” would be a lieutenant of the CJNG that maintains a bloody fight with The New Michoacan Family in the limits of Michoacán, Guerrero and the State of Mexico.