Five females killed in in Nicolás Romero EdoMex, 4 minors 1 adult

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Diario de Mexico

The State of Mexico.- Five women, four of them minors were killed on Wednesday night, inside a home in the El Gavillero neighborhood, in the municipality of Nicolás Romero, the Attorney General of Justice of the State of Mexico reported.
The five  were found by municipal police, with bullet wounds., one of them was pregnant.
Personnel from the Attorney General of the State of Mexico carried out various expert tests and the removal of the bodies under the gender protocol.
Neighbors, family members and possible witnesses to the events were interviewed, as well as the tracking of state and municipal video surveillance cameras.
“This was the date of whores in debt who couldn’t pay what they owed. 
With this act their debts are hereby settled. “.- Sol Prendido 
Unofficial versions suggest that the murder could be a settling of accounts for small-scale trafficking since it is presumed that high-caliber weapons for the exclusive use of the Army were used and inside the house was a cardboard with a “message” of non-payment.
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Elements of the National Guard, state and municipal police guarded the area to facilitate the work of the experts.
The bodies were transferred in an ambulance of the Forensic Medical Service, to the facilities of the Mexican Attorney General’s Office.