Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Cartel de Sinaloa Interrogate Another CJNG Operative

The Cartel de Sinaloa released this video back in September of 2020. In this broadcast the interrogation of another CJNG operative reveals how they conducted their illicit affairs with the help of State Police. The following is just an interrogation.

Sicario : I need the names and their nicknames for the individuals that sell you crystal meth. 

Captive : Ricardo. 

Sicario : Ricardo what?

Captive : Ricardo Rodriguez. 

Sicario : Where can I find this motherfucker?

Captive : You can find him behind the cemetery. 

Sicario : Behind the cemetery?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : What nickname does he go by?

Captive : Hormiga. 

Sicario : Ok then. Now who helps you to sell crystal meth here?

Captive : I get help by a guy that they call El Roro. 

Sicario : El Roro. Ok. Now where can I find this individual?

Captive : You can find him in the Arboledas neighborhood. 

Sicario : Where?

Captive : In the Arboledas neighborhood. There’s a house there with a grey patio. That’s where you’ll find him. 

Sicario : Tell me, Fernando Miramontes, who all did you steal from and kidnap as well? Just as well who did you extort? Tell me quickly!

Captive. So far I’ve only done it against 2 or 3 persons. One guy had a Silverado truck. And the other guy…

Sicario : Dude the intel that you’re giving me isn’t worth a fuck. Tell me about the fucking kidnappings. 

Captive : One of the guys name was Norberto Ruiz. 

Sicario : Norberto Ruiz what?

Captive : Fernandez. 

Sicario : Is that the guy you kidnapped?

Captive : I only asked him for…

Sicario : How much did you fucking take from him?

Captive : I asked him for 30,000 pesos. 

Sicario : You took 30,000 pesos from him?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Ok. Who’s the guy that charges the taxation’s here?

Captive : Mr. Ricardo. 

Sicario : Mr. Ricardo then. Which type of individuals are being charged these taxation’s?

Captive : All the wealthy merchants. 

Sicario : Who’s the person in charge of distributing the money there?

Captive : It’s some guy they call Gabi. 

Sicario : Gabi, what’s his fucking name?

Captive : Osvaldo Velásquez. 

Sicario : Osvaldo Velásquez? Where can I find him?

Captive : He can be found by the buildings. 

Sicario : The buildings then. Is that right behind the bus station?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Ok then. Now let’s go back to who all is helping you. I need to know about government personnel. Tell me who within the State Police is fucking supporting you?

Captive : Chuy Medina. 

Sicario : Chuy Medina? What all does his job entail?

Captive : He’s a commander within the State Police. 

Sicario : Where can I find this asshole?

Captive : He lives just above Calle Zapata. 

Sicario : Is it over by the Azteca?

Captive : Not that far away. It’s a bit further back. 

Sicario : Who else helps you ?

Captive : There’s an individual who works for the Metropolitan Police. He’s a tall dark complexion fellow. 

Sicario : Tall and dark?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Well, what’s his fucking name? I know that you know his name. 

Captive : His name is Daniel.

Sicario : Daniel what?

Captive : I don’t recall his full name. But he goes by El Snyder. 

Sicario : Give me the patrol unit numbers. I know you have this info. 

Captive : It’s the unit 509. 

Sicario : 509 then. Who drives it?

Captive : The tall dark fellow drives it. 

Sicario : What about the other unit?

Captive : I honestly can’t recall. I think it’s unit number 500, no, it’s 653. 

Sicario : 653 then. So, who drives this unit?

Captive : I can’t recall. 

Sicario : Come the fuck on. You should know because you would get into their vehicles. 

Captive : The guy is a tall light skin dude. 

Sicario : Well, what the fuck do they call him?

Captive : They call him….

Sicario : Hurry the fuck up. At this point you’re just playing dumb ass with me. 

Captive : I can’t recall, I can’t recall. I just remember that he was a tall light skin dude. 

Sicario : What all were these guys helping you with. What does their job entail?

Captive : We would pass them intel on who all was selling drugs so that afterwards they could apprehend them. 

Sicario : Of course. Because I recall seeing you ride around with them That’s so you know that we had our eyes on you. Ok, now how about the Metropolitan Police. Quickly, tell me. 

Captive : It’s the same deal with the Metropolitan Police. They apprehend you and make you pay. 

Sicario : Who supports you guys?

Captive : It’s that one tall dark fellow. 

Sicario : The tall dark fellow then. Tell me about the Municipal Police, I want the names of the commanders. 

Captive : From the Municipal Police there’s a guy there that they call El Pollo. 

Sicario : El Pollo? What all does his job entail?

Captive : He was a Municipal Police.

Sicario : But is he a commander?

Captive : No, he’s just a normal policeman. 

Sicario : Who’s that fool, what all does he do?

Captive : He distributes crystal meth. 

Sicario : Ok. So, who helps him?

Captive : Raul Salazar helps him. 

Sicario : Raul Salazar? 

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Ok, that’s what I want to hear. And who distributes for these guys?

Captive : They’re being helped by 2 or 3 different distribution points here in Fresnillo. 

Sicario : Ok. 

Captive: I can also give you the names of the distribution points…