Guanajuato: Mayoral candidate dismembered and body parts dumped on highway with Los Marros message

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Steve  Source

Jesús Tinajero, a former
candidate for mayor of Jerécuaro, was assassinated, dismembered and his remains
dumped on the Jerécuaro-Apaseo el Alto highway near the El Sarampión community.

The event was registered this
Thursday and was attributed to a criminal group that operates in the Laja Bajío
area, which has also threatened municipal employees.

Morena’s senator, Antares
Vázquez, expressed dismay at the event through social networks.

“With great indignation and pain,
I regret the murder of my colleague and friend Jesús Tinajero de Jerécuaro. He
was a man of work and family whose life was taken from him by cowards today.
Enough of the violence in Guanajuato!”

Tinajero sought the mayorship in
2018 sponsored by Morena.

A message was discovered at the grisly
scene, signed by El Azul.  The message warns
that they are after Morena.

It was around two in the
afternoon that they reported to 911 the existence of various human body parts
lying on this road.

Translation of banner for
Borderland Beat by Sol Prendido

Manta reads as follows: Moy,
we’ve left your Morena candidate here for you. We’re coming after all your
bitch ass trash. Just as well we will be coming after everyone within the
political party who lends out their services for bullshit. This also applies to
the utility workers, water services employees, etc, etc. It doesn’t matter to
us if we have to do away with the Presidencia Municipal.

Sincerely, La Mera Verga El Azul.
La Barredora has arrived. And we’re coming after you Aurelio.

Warning: images of dismemberment below

Upon attending, security elements
confirmed the existence of the remains of at least two people, including those
of Tinajero.

The remains were collected and
sent to the forensic medical service, while the Guanajuato Attorney General’s
Office initiated the investigations.

The local deputy from Morena,
Ernesto Prieto, denounced the murder of Jesús Tinajero on his social networks.

I denounce the murder of Jesús
Tinajero, partner of Morena in Guanajuato, political leader and former
candidate for Municipal President for Morena in Jerécuaro. There are already 4 colleagues
killed. What is happening to my Morena (party) Guanajuato?