Guat a Jel? (What The Hell): 14 Executed By Organized Crime in Ciudad Juárez

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Video translation is as follows:
A very good evening to all our readers. Well, unfortunately the vicious affairs continue in the city. This time here in the Zona Centro where a few minutes ago 2 people were executed aboard a white minivan truck that was parked outside the Almacén del Río convenience store. In the Calles Insurgentes and Liberated here in the Zona Centro.

The 2 people mentioned beforehand were apparently waiting for someone here in this area when they were shot to death, the 2 died here. It is the truck, if you can somewhat see, that white truck that can be seen in the dark is where the 2 bodies were. You can see the broken glass from gunfire. However, the area is already fully cordoned off. There is no vehicle traffic in a section of Calle Libertad.
I repeat it is the Almacén del Rio convenience store at the intersection of Calles Libertad and Insurgentes where this double violent homicide was carried out just after a series of executions registered throughout the city. 2 were shot in the south east end of this metropolis , 1 person was shot in the western side of the city, and just a few hours ago another person was executed close to Calle Pitahaya.
This is the violence that is currently being lived here in Ciudad Juarez. And there are also 2 more executed here in the Zona Centro. As a consequence the bloody executions in this city continue.