Gunmen kill 7 warehouse employees in Reynosa as turf war intensifies

“MX” for Borderland Beat; TY to “leChef”

“El Yogui”, the warehouse in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where the attack occurred
On Sunday, gunmen stormed a beer warehouse in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and killed seven people. Initially, it was suspected that the attack may have been a failed robbery attempt. However, it was later established that the attack was organized crime-related. Investigators suggest that the attack is part of a violent turf war waging in Reynosa between rival Gulf Cartel factions.
At least half of the victims were executed with a coup de grâce, as shown in the video provided by Borderland Beat. Five of the victims were approximately twenty-years-old and one was in his mid-thirties. The 55-year-old warehouse owner, Eduardo López (“El Yogui”), was also killed. He was one of the main Corona and Bud Light beer distributors in Tamaulipas.
The beer warehouse where the attack occurred is known as “El Yogui”, in reference to the owner’s nickname. It is located in Voluntad y Trababjo, an industrial neighborhood in Reynosa. These depots are sometimes used as drug sale/distribution locations by organized crime groups.

According to eye-witnesses, the gunmen arrived in two vehicles early in the morning as the warehouse was barely opening. They stormed the facility by spraying bullets at multiple employees.
During the attack, several employees ran to the back of the warehouse to get cover. 7 people were massacred; at least half of them were killed in a coup de grâce, which discarded the possibility of a robbery.
This attack occurs shortly after the supposed release of Juan Manuel Rodríguez Rodríguez, a former Gulf Cartel boss in Reynosa. He is sometimes referred to as “Juan Perros” and often mistaken with his son Juan Manuel Rodríguez García, nicknamed “Juan Perros Jr.” Borderland Beat was not able to officially confirm Juan Perros’s supposed release by press time.
Turf war in Reynosa
Comments left by readers in Valor Tamaulipeco, a website that covers cartel-related activity in Tamaulipas, suggested that the attack was stemmed from a Gulf Cartel turf war between the regional bosses of Los Metros faction.
It is rumored that Reynosa kingpin Comandante Alemán is working with Juan Perros, his in-law, to take over the city from three individuals: Metro 21 (El Nabor), Metro 22 (La Mierda) and Metro 1 (El Mimi). These three gang members reportedly have the backing of Los Escorpiones, another Gulf Cartel faction based out of Matamoros.
Comandante Alemán also has the support of Cesar Morfin Mortin (El Primito) and Metro 36 (Mono). This last individual is also reportedly working with a San Fernando faction to drive out his rivals in Reynosa.

Rumors stated that the attackers were likely part of the faction headed by Comandante Maistrin, who heads the Rio Bravo plaza.
Following the shootout, paramedics and police officers arrived at the scene and cordoned the area. The bodies of the victims were sent to the local morgue to their autopsy, as required by Mexican law. The National Guard and the Tamaulipas State Police are currently investigating the incident. None of the perpetrators have been arrested.

Note: Multiple sources were used for this report. For better readability, they were linked above. Some of the code names and turf war intricacies explained above were provided by Borderland Beat forum contributor “leChef”.