Image of a young Chino Antrax with El Frankie and Pancho Arce

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   

Live fast,  die young ….and leave a beautiful corpse 

The image above made the social
media rounds in the past few days, with the claim it’s a newly discovered photo.  The image is of  ‘Los Ántrax’
members; El Frankie,  Chino Ántrax’
and   El Pancho Arce. 

However, after conducting image
searches I found that the photo appears to have been first posted in 2018, then
forgotten. However old it is, it may the first time you have seen it.

I was struck how young Chino is,
he appears 18 or so.

By the end of 2011 two in the
image were dead, then in May 2020 Chino was the third.

Pancho Arce El 4

On November 1, 2011, an armed
commando interrupted a soccer match in Culiacán and killed Francisco Arce
Rubio, AKA “Pancho Arce El 4” one of the leaders of ‘Los Ántrax’. Arce Rubio
was reportedly killed by ‘Los Mazatlecos’, a group led by “Chapito Isidro”, Fausto
Isidro Meza Flores, of  the Beltrán Leyva

Sergio Barajas Cháidez and
Francisco Arce Rubio, were at the soccer field in the Emiliano Zapata

Witnesses informed the police that they were enjoying a soccer game, where Barajas Cháidez was on
the bench and Francisco Arce was playing on the field.

At that time, a group of men
armed with AK-47s and handguns broke into the sports field and after shouting at
those present to throw themselves on the ground, they went directly for Arce
Rubio who was killed on the soccer field.

Chino Ántrax’

10 days after fleeing the U.S.
while on ‘supervised release’ in San Diego, the body of ‘El Chino Ántrax’ was discovered inside a BMW X5 SUV  in a Culiacán community. The remains of his
sister and brother-in-law were also found.

                           Chino Antrax is the body wrapped “encobijado.”

Franklin ‘El Frankie’ Olguín ‘El Dos’

“El Frankie”  was killed by the Mexican Army in May 2011.

There are multiple accounts of his death by the military.

What is agreed upon is that Franklin Olguín Velázquez aka “El
Frankie” or “El Dos”, along with Humberto Corona Guillén aka “El Chuve” and
Pedro Valenzuela, the three members of  “Los
Antrax” were together when they met their demise.

The “official” report says they were killed in a

However,  Rio Doce reported  that they
had access to forensic reports and the autopsies revealed evidence that they
had been beaten, tortured, and subsequently gunned down.